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Custom Aspheric Lenses

Why choose Aspheric Lenses?

As the name suggests, an aspheric lenses is a lens with a different shape than a regular spherical or cylindrical surface. These lenses come in a variety of shapes to correct spherical aberration and improve image quality. Spherical aberration is a defect that occurs when light passes through a spherical lens. Depending on how close it is to the lens, the light is focused at different distances, resulting in a blurry image. In contrast, aspherical lenses focus light to a single point, no matter where the light enters, to reduce or completely eliminate blur in the image.

Manufacturing method of aspherical lens

In Oplens, aspherical lenses are produced by CNC grinding, conventional polishing, CNC polishing, and by MRF technology.

Using Corrective Polishing (MRF) technology, Oplens can produce mild aspheric surfaces up to about 10-15μm from flat or spherical surfaces.

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What make the Aspheric Lenses important

1. Higher precision:

By reducing spherical aberration and focusing light to a single point, aspheric lenses can produce sharper images, making them ideal for applications that require high precision, such as focusing laser diodes.


2. Increase the aperture size:

Aspheric lenses allow optical engineers to increase the numerical aperture size of the lens without compromising image quality and are ideal for applications requiring high luminous flux.

3. Improve efficiency:

A single aspheric lens can correct aberrations that would require multiple spherical lenses to correct. This capability means that a single aspheric lens can replace complex multi-lens systems, enabling smaller, lighter, more efficient and less expensive components.

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Custom Aspheric Lenses form Oplens

As an aspheric lenses manufacturer and supplier, we can produce high precision aspherical lenses and most suitable Aspheric Lenses Price. And we have a whole set of quality management system.

Contact our technical sales team to know our Aspheric Lenses Price. And learn how Oplens's high-quality Custom Aspheric Lenses  and our impeccable quality of service can improve your instrument and supply chain experience.

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