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Custom optical wedges

What Is an Optical Wedges?

A prism with a small vertex angle (generally less than 1/10 radian) is called an optical wedges, also known as a wedge mirror. When the light is perpendicular or nearly perpendicular to the wedge, the deflection angle θ=(n-1)A. where n is the refractive index of the wedge medium. The resulting deflection is therefore small and independent of the angle of incidence. In optical instruments, two optical wedges are often combined to make them rotate relative to each other to generate different deflection angles, or to convert the minimum deflection angle of light into the relative rotation angle of the two optical wedges to compensate for the small angle deviation of the measured light. It has applications in many optical instruments such as military rangefinders and camera viewfinders.


Applications of Custom Optical Wedges:

It has applications in many optical instruments astronomy, Biomedical/Medical, Communication, Industry, Military, Scientific Research, Others.

Available material types:

Low Expansion, Display Glass, Color Filter Glass, Crystal, Fused Quartz, Fused Silica, IR Materials

Available shapes of Custom Optical Wedges:

Custom optical wedges in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.


Some of the standard wedge shapes frequently ordered by Oplens customers include:







Why Choose Oplens Custom Optical Wedges?

Oplens manufactures custom optical wedges for a variety of applications. Flat optics with wedge angles are commonly used in laser applications for beam steering and beam displacement or to prevent stray reflections, and can also be used in almost any type of optical element to redirect light.


With decades of experience, Oplens is the first choice for superior appearance, wedge angle tolerance and surface finish. Optical wedges are manufactured to your exacting specifications for a variety of custom shapes, sizes and materials, with optional coatings for ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and infrared (IR) applications.

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