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If you are looking for optical prisms manufacturer in China, you are in the right place! Oplens is an professional optical prism manufacturer! Since its inception, Oplens has recognized the need for industries and institutions to deliver high-quality, precision optics quickly and has invested over 16 years time to perfect a highly reliable and efficient lean process.


What Is Optical Prism?

Optical prism, a transparent object surrounded by two planes that intersect but are not parallel to each other, used to split or disperse light beams. Prisms are polyhedrons made of transparent materials (such as glass, crystal, etc.). It is widely used in optical instruments.

Optical Prism Types

According to the shape can be divided into the following:

Right Angle Prism:One of the outstanding optical prisms you can get from a prominent optical prism manufacturing company in China is a Right Angle Prism. If you're looking for easier mounting and alignment options, look no further than choosing right angle prisms. Specially used for beam deflection and retro deflection, right-angle prisms are best for high throughput. As a optical prism manufacturer, We offers a wide range of different materials and different degree of precision right angle prisms. 

Dove PrismThe dove prism is an ideal for image rotation. It create an image inversion in a beam input parallel to the base.

Rhombic Prism: A rhombic prism is used to display a beam laterally without changing it is direction. As a professional optical prism manufacturer, we can custom dimension and coating of rhombic prism.

Penta Prism : The penta prism is used in optics to deflect light by 90 degrees or to invert an image. It is called a penta prism because it has five faces, and it is often made of glass or other transparent materials so that light can pass through it. 

special shaped prisms. We can custom optical prism according to your needs.

There are mainly four types of prisms according to their functions:

Dispersive prisms, deflecting or reflecting prisms, rotating prisms, and offset prisms. Deflection, offset, and rotation prisms are commonly used in imaging applications; diffuser prisms are designed for use with dispersive light sources and are therefore unsuitable for any application requiring high-quality images.

Prism Manufacturing Capabilities:

Diameter Tolerance0/-0.1
Surface Flatnessλ /5
Scratch/Dig40/20, 60/40
Clear Aperture>90%
CoatingCustom coating available on request
LacquerGT-7 or equivalent

FAQs About Optical Prism:

Q: Which Kinds of Material of Optical Prism We can Provide for You?

BK-7, H-K9L/UV Fused Silica are commonly used material for making optical prisms.

Q: Can Process Special-shaped Customized Prisms

Yes, we can. We can process special-shaped customized and professional prisms.


Oplens continues to raise the bar for prism manufacturability while maintaining competitive pricing and fast delivery. Don't hesitate to contact us for professional optical prism solutions now!

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