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What are High Precision Optical Windows?

High Precision Optical Windows are optical components used in various optical instruments to isolate different physical environments and only allow light to pass through.


High Precision Optical Windows Optical Window Substrates

Our precision grade windows are made of a variety of substrates to suit your application including:

BK7, Fused Silica, Optical Glass, Infrared, Visible and Infrared (IR) Windows. Of course, if you do not see the material you need, please contact a sales engineer who will be happy to discuss other options that may be available.



The Shape of High Precision Optical Windows

Oplens can use laser machining capabilities to manufacture high precision optical windows in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

The following shapes of optical windows are available:

1. Square

2. Quarter Wave Windows

3. Rectangular Windows

4. Elliptical Windows


Applications of High Precision Optical Windows

Oplens provides custom and off-the-shelf precision polished optical windows for the aerospace industry, military and commercial avionics, scientific and medical instrumentation, academic and research, and industrial applications.


Why choose us?

We customize each high precision optical windows to meet or exceed your requirements. The windows we create are unique and require cutting edge manufacturing techniques. Oplens's proprietary process allows us to manufacture optical windows that meet challenging specifications such as:

1.Dimensions with a diameter of one meter or more

2.Advanced Thin Film Coating

3.Excellent transmitted wavefront error

4.High aspect ratio

5.Precise wedge tolerance

6.High flexural strength

7.High laser-induced damage threshold

8.Complex Geometry


Oplens manufactures precision grade windows in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, designed to meet your exact application. Custom coatings available upon request. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the high precision optical windows.

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