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Opto-mechanical Components

What are opto mechanical components?


Opto mechanical components can provide installation, fixation and adjustment for the application of various optical components, or for displacement adjustment of multiple degrees of freedom in the system. We can provide different space dimensions, weights, functions, precision requirements, and operation. Factors such as convenience, environmental permitting, etc., combine various opto-mechanics in production and processing.


Opto-mechanics means mechanical elements which are used in optics. The following product categories belong to opto-mechanics:





Why Choose Oplens to Custom Opto-mechanical Components ?


A general difficulty with opto-mechanics is that clear performance specifications are often not available. For example, some mirror mounts may be advertised as “low-drift” items, but with no qualitative or even quantitative description of what that means. The same applies to aspects like vibration damping or lifetimes of positioning equipment. Therefore, opto-mechanics often need to be selected based on vague indications and trust into a certain manufacturer.


1.Experienced in Customization

The Oplens engineering team has designed thousands of the industry's best optical mounts and has decades of experience developing custom mounting solutions to meet your performance and budget requirements.


2.Prototyping and Permanent Setups

Our in-house prototyping and pre-production capabilities deliver rapid delivery of working prototypes, enabling you to advance your design process.

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