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What are Cylindrical Lens?

Cylindrical lens are focused light into a line rather than a point, just as a spherical lens does. One or more surfaces of cylindrical lens are part of a cylinder and focus the image passing through it into a line parallel to the intersection of the lens surfaces and a plane tangent to it along the axis of the cylinder. The lens converges or diverges the image in a direction perpendicular to this line and keeps it constant in a direction parallel to its cylindrical axis (in the tangent plane).


Applications of Cylindrical Lens


Cylindrical lens can be used for uniaxial converging or diverging beams and have a wide range of applications in many industries and fields such as optical measurement, laser scanning, spectroscopy, laser diode output beam shaping, X-ray light microscopic imaging, etc.


Industrial Applications Of Cylindrical Lenses

industrial sectors,where use the cylindrical lens:


Industrial Inspection: Cylindrical lenses are used to focus or extend light in a variety of laser and light-based devices for applications such as laser scanning optical metrology systems, laser alignment and inspection tools, and laser additive manufacturing and laser processing equipment.


Digital Cinema Cameras: In the entertainment industry, cylindrical optical assemblies are used in digital cinema cameras to compress widescreen images, making them suitable for standard 35 mm film and digital/laser projectors to stretch the compressed image for proper viewing when projected onto widescreen.


Semiconductor manufacturing: For semiconductor manufacturing, plano-convex cylindrical lenses are often used in conjunction with plano-concave cylindrical lenses to circularize elliptical beams. Other semiconductor industry applications include wafer inspection tools and flat panel display measurement tools.

Medical: Cylindrical lens are used in a variety of life science imaging and medical testing instruments, such as light sheet fluorescence microscopes (LSFM) and ophthalmic systems.


Types Of Cylindrical Lens.

Cylindrical lens are available in numerous variations to suit different optical requirements, including:

1.Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lens

2.Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lens

3.Singlets, Doublets, Triplets. Single, double, and triple optical assemblies consist of one, two, or three lens elements, respectively.

4.Aspheric Cylindrical Lens


Manufacturing method of Cylindrical Lens

Including rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, and centering grinding edge.

Why choose us?

Oplens is a Cylindrical Lens manufacturer and supplier with many years of production experience, we have our own factory and a complete and professional production line. Oplens can produce a variety of specifications and different radii, using different glass material (Schott, Ohara, CDGM, Fused Silica, MgF2, CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS etc.). We also can produce special Cylindrical lenses, such as Achromatic Cylindrical lens, Parabolic Mirrors, Cylindrical Ellipsoidal Mirror and double curved Cylindrical lens, such as Aspheric Cylindrical lens and Cylindrical lens group. In addition, we even can produce the requirements of complex shape cylindrical lenses, such as fan-shaped lenses, the Off-Axis Cylindrical lenses, angled Cylindrical lens. Requests can include special Glass materials including ultraviolet and infrared quartz; or crystals like fluorinated calcium. We will provide you with the best price and the most reliable quality products. If you need it, please contact us immediately.

For cylindrical lenses, customization is the norm rather than the exception. So in order to achieve the desired effect, please choose custom cylindrical lens.

For lens mounting, we offer fixed or adjustable cylindrical lens mounts.

To discuss your cylindrical lens requirements with one of our experts, please contact us today or request a quote!

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