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What are Spherical Lens?

Spherical Lens, also known as singlets, are optical lenses with curved surfaces that cause light rays to converge or diverge.



Types of Spherical Lens

There are two types of spherical lens, convex and concave lens.

converging lens is called a convex lens. It is thicker at the centre than at the edges. Convex lenses have several shapes and sizes based on their appearance and working principle. They have been divided into several types. These are the few types of convex lenses as discussed below:

1Plano-convex lenses

2Biconvex Lens

3Meniscus Lens(Concavo–Convex Lens)

A  concave lens. It is thinner at the centre than at the edges. Concave lens can be divided into the following:

1Plano-Concave Lens

2Biconcave Lens

3Convexo–Concave Lens



Application of Spherical Len

Spherical lens is widely used in medical optical imaging, laser field, scientific research, security monitoring, automobile industry, military equipment, aerospace and other high-tech fields.

1.  Imaging with array lenses, used in fields, such as monitoring, microscopy, etc.

2. The spherical and optical aberration is corrected by glued lens to achieve the ideal image quality.



How to Choose the Spherical Lens?

Conjugation ratio, lens material, lens shape, radius of curvature, transmittance, wavefront distortion, scattered light, and coating type are all characteristics that must be considered when selecting spherical lens.


Which Kinds of Material of Spherical Lenses We Can Provide for You?

Oplens produces spherical lens made of optical materials such as optical glass(K9、N-BK7、N-SF11), fused silica, fluoride and silicon.


Why Choose Oplens?

Oplens company is one of the leading spherical lens manufacturer and suppliers. Our spherical lens has high quality and competitive price. Oplens has various processing equipment such as: SPDT with Taylor Hobson PGI 3D profilometer. Oplens is committed to providing customers with high-precision optical system solutions, covering the complete manufacturing process from the design, processing and assembly of various optical components and machinery.


For extremely delicate and sensitive system requirements, please contact us for more information, our engineers will be happy to evaluate your design!

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