Lens Assembly

Optical lenses or optical system is a complex device with high requirements, which demands not only the combination of high-precision optical lenses and optical mechanical parts, but also professional assembly environment to ensure their key arguments, such as cleanliness, coaxiality, focal length, distinguishability and other indicators, are not affected, so as to achieve the best optical performances of the end product. Because of this, Oplens set up its own assembly department in 2021, which not only improves our production line but also can better meet the needs of customers for lens assembly. If you don’t have such a lens assembly environment or inspection conditions, we are capable to help you in this respect.  

What Processes are Involved in Optical Assembly Manufacturing?

Optical assembly processes may include mounting, alignment, precise optical pathway placement, beam manipulation, focusing, optical bonding, and sonic welding techniques.

Typical Optical Component Assembly Work Includes:

Bonding glasses & filters into wheels

Laminating glasses & filters

Product labelling & identification

Gluing glass to glass components

Mounting in screw mounts and holders

Gluing glass to metal assemblies

Press fitting glass lenses into housings.

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  • The Lens Assembly

    The Lens Assembly

    If you don’t have such a lens assembly environment or inspection conditions, we are capable to help you in this respect.

Customization & OEM

Oplens Optics is a leading custom optical Lenses manufacturer. Most of our orders, including optical lenses and optical mechanics, come from customization. Oplens can custom optical Lenses based on your designs and requirements. After the completion of production and processing, optical components can be assembled into finished lenses by specialists in a professional assembly environment. This OEM optics model can save you time, energy and money to help you reduce costs of your optical products.  

The following shows the optical Lenses that we can customize:

Spherical Lens:


Oplens specializes in producing custom-made spherical lenses if they are not readily available in their inventory. Their product offerings include Plano-Convex, Bi-Convex, and Positive Meniscus lenses with positive focal lengths, as well as Plano-Concave, Bi-Concave, and Negative Meniscus lenses with negative focal lengths. Additionally, Oplens has the capability to apply custom optical coatings such as anti-reflection coatings to the surfaces of their lenses.

Aspheric Lenses:

Custom Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric lenses have unique advantages over spherical lenses. For example, they can improve optical quality, reduce optical components and design costs. They are widely used in optical instruments, images and optoelectronics industries, such as digital cameras, CD players and high-end microscopic instruments.

Besides the above mentioned optical Lenses, we can also produces a wide array of custom optics, such as custom Optical Windows, IR Optical, custom optical mirrors, Ultraviolet (UV) Lens, ect.

Custom Optical Lenses Capabilities:

Oplens Optics offers not only a wide range of optical lenses that are readily available in our inventory, but we also provide custom fabrication services and free engineering support.

1. Materials capabilities

Oplens Optics supplies Optical Lenses made from various materials, such as Fused Quartz, Fused Silica, Optical glasses, UV and IR crystals, and plastic optically moulded. These lenses are utilized in a range of applications across the science, medical, imaging, defence, and industrial sectors, covering a spectrum from commercial grade to precision quality across UV to IR.

2. Coating capabilities

Our custom and standard optical lenses are available with internal coatings from 250 to 2400 nm.

3. Fabrication of Custom Sizes and Shapes

Oplens Optical can fabricate lenses from 4 mm to over 400 mm in diameter and we carry an extensive stock of raw optical materials, in-house, that can be cut to your specific dimensions or shaped to meet your exact requirements.

4. Experienced Team Custom Optical Lenses for you

Oplens has more than 200 experienced engineers and workers. The team consists of subject matter experts in industrial design, materials science, optics, coatings and manufacturing.


5. Advanced Equipment capabilities

In addition to some basic processing equipment such as: material cutting machine, milling machine, fine grinding machine, polishing machine, etc., we also have many high-precision equipment, such as: SPDT. And equipped it with a Taylor Hobson PGI 3D profiler.


6. Custom Optical Lenses and assemblies with Quality Assurance

Oplens has an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. This standard sets stringent requirements for the aerospace, aerospace and defense industries. Oplens offers an extensive line of high-precision optical lenses, including standard models, modified standard models, or custom designs based on your unique requirements. If you want to OEM optical lenses, you can rely on Oplens' optical capabilities and expertise.

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  • Customization


  • Customization