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Custom Optics

Oplens Optics is a leading custom optics manufacturer that specializes in customized optics for a broad range of wavelength ranges from 193 nm to 14 um. Our manufacturing capabilities include optical lenses, mirrors, windows, prisms, and numerous other custom optical components. Oplens Optics welcomes custom prototype projects.

Although we do have a selection of standard components available in our catalog, the majority of our business revolves around producing custom fabricated components that are typically coated to meet your exact specifications. Please contact Oplens today for design support or samples on your custom optical requirements.  

The following shows the optical optics that we can customize:

Custom Optics

Custom Optics Capabilities:

1. Fabrication of Custom Sizes and Shapes

Oplens Optics carries an extensive stock of raw optical materials, in-house, that can be cut to your specific dimensions or shaped to meet your exact requirements.

We also have the ability to modify customer supplied materials which can save not only time, but money.

2. Coating capabilities

At China, we have many coating chambers in operation that cover the wavelength ranges of 193nm – 20µm. Our coating capabilities may also include the ability to perform precise thickness control, uniformity, adhesion, and surface finish optimization to meet specific customer requirements.

3. Custom Assembly

As an optical optics manufacturer, we offer assembly services to our customers. Our team is skilled in the assembly and integration of various optical components to create custom optical systems tailored to meet your specific needs. We use precision tools and techniques to ensure that your devices are assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you need prototype assembly or high-volume production, we have the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality results. 

4. Experienced Team Custom Optical Lenses for you

Oplens has more than 200 experienced engineers and workers. The team consists of subject matter experts in industrial design, materials science, optics, coatings and manufacturing.


5. Optics Fabrication capabilities

With state of the high-precision equipment, such as: SPDT. And equipped it with a Taylor Hobson PGI 3D profiler. we are capable of producing parts with stringent tolerances and specs that are required by prototypes to OEM products.


6. Custom Optical Lenses and assemblies with Quality Assurance

Oplens has an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. This standard sets stringent requirements for the aerospace, aerospace and defense industries. Oplens offers an extensive line of high-precision optics, including standard models, modified standard models, or custom designs based on your unique requirements. If you want to OEM optics, you can rely on Oplens' optical capabilities and expertise.

Feel free to contact us with your customization Optics needs.

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