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Infrared (IR) Lens

Oplens manufactures infrared (IR) lens within the wavelength of 4~12μm. Our IR products can be applied to Thermal imaging, night vision, surveillance, life sciences and other fields.

In addition to the traditional cold machining of spherical and planar components, we can also process aspherical lenses by turning the surface with precision diamond lathe. This technology can be used to correct spherical aberration in optical systems. At the same time, we can make anti-reflection coating in the rage of 4~12μm, including high hardness (HD) and diamond like carbon (DLC) coating.

You are welcome to contact us for custom IR optics.

Profilometer Inspection Report

Infrared (IR) Lens


MaterialAI, Cu, Ge, Si, Ni, ZnSe and sulfide glass
Machining ShapeAspheric shape of off-axis, diffraction, paraboloid, cone, etc.
Surface Flatnessλ/5@633nm
Surface Quality40/20
Thickness Tolerance±0.03mm
Diameter Tolerance+0.00~-0.02
Diameter Range5~200mm
Coating Wavelength Coverage4~12μm

Drawing Sample

Infrared (IR) Lens

Anti-reflective Film Coating Curve Diagram (DLC)

Infrared (IR) Lens