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Dove Prism

Custom dove prisms China manufacturer and supplier

A dove prism is a kind of image rotator. The image is inverted 180° after the light passes through the prism.  In addition, when the prism is rotated with its optical axis, the rotation angle of the image is twice that of the prism.  


Generally speaking, dove prism realizes internal total reflection by using the principle of critical angle, so its field of view Angle is limited.  At the same time, it is important to keep the reflector clean and use parallel light. 


The dove prism is an ideal for image rotation. It create an image inversion in a beam input parallel to the base.


High quality custom Dove prisms are available to your exact specifications. Oplens can custom each kind size and each kind dimension dove prism. The coating or painting may be available by custom orders. You are welcome to contact us for customized dove prism!


Angle Tolerance±1′
MaterialH-K9L/UV Fused Silica
Diameter Tolerance0/-0.1
Surface Flatnessλ /5
Clear Aperture>90%
LacquerGT-7 or equivalent