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Reflecting Mirror

A mirror is an optical element that works by using the law of reflection. Reflectors can be divided into plane reflector, spherical reflector and aspheric reflector according to their shapes.  According to the degree of reflection, it can be divided into total reflection mirror and semi-transparent and semi-reflecting mirror (also known as beam splitting mirror).


Optical mirrors are available for use with light in the UV, VIS, and IR spectral regions. Optical mirrors with a metallic coating have high reflectivity over the widest spectral region; whereas mirrors with a broadband dielectric coating have a narrower spectral range of operation; the average reflectivity throughout the specified region is greater than 99%.


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MaterialUV Fused Silica
Focal Length Tolerance±1%
Diameter Tolerance(mm)+0.0 mm / -0.1 mm
Thickness Tolerance(mm)±0.2mm
Surface Flatnessλ/10 @ 632.8 nm (Peak to Valley)
Surface Quality80—50
Clear Aperture>85% of Diameter
Parallelism (arc min)≤3 arcmin
Wavelength Range (nm)450 - 10000
CoatingCoating may be available by custom order